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having a doctor in the family

I Love Medicare

I Love Medicare

Welcome to Miramar Medical Center

Our main commitment is to provide quality health care at fair prices, regardless of  your  immigration status, whether you have or not medical insurance you will be served.

We invite you to visit our comfortable facilities, where a friendly and personalized service characterizes us.

Our Vision

Miramar Medical Center and Miramar Dental began operating in 2009 with the vision of providing medical and dental care that sets the highest standard of quality in the field of preventive and healing medicine.    The experience of its Medical staff together with the appropriate infrastructure and excellent  patient treatment, have been the basis of our success during this path.

Latest News

    • 03 MAY 13
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    New study links lutein with eye health benefits

    New study links lutein with eye health benefits

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    • 23 AUG 12
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    Mixed results from study of mammogram tool

    Mixed results from study of mammogram tool

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Who We Are

An Integral Medical  Center where we provide services in General Medicine, Specialists, Preventive Medicine and Diagnostics services  such as EKG, Ultrasound, X-ray, Laboratory.

We also offer  Dental Services as well as Acupuncture and in addition Cosmetic  treatments and Spa.

Why Choose Us?

    • Miramar Medical Center offers you the following major preventive and medical services:
    • Dental.
    • Laboratories.
    • X-ray.
    • Ultrasounds.
    • Medical specialists.
    • Spa.
    • Acupuncture.
    • All this with the fairest prices.
    • Veins Treatments.
    • Immigration Physicals.