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Welcome to Miramar Medical Center

Our main commitment is to provide quality health care at fair prices, regardless of  your  immigration status, whether you have or not medical insurance you will be served.

We invite you to visit our comfortable facilities, where a friendly and personalized service characterizes us.

Our Vision

Miramar Medical Center and Miramar Dental began operating in 2009 with the vision of providing medical and dental care that sets the highest standard of quality in the field of preventive and healing medicine.    The experience of its Medical staff together with the appropriate infrastructure and excellent  patient treatment, have been the basis of our success during this path.

Latest News

    • 22 OCT 14
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    Blood-pressure kiosks may not always give the right reading

    Blood-pressure kiosks may not always give the right reading

    If you decide to quickly check your blood pressure while you’re out shopping this summer, know that your reading might not be accurate if the cuff is too small or too large for your arm, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns. These blood-pressure kiosks are available in many public places, such as pharmacies, grocery

    • 22 OCT 14
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    5 Blood Tests That Are Worth The Prick

    5 Blood Tests That Are Worth The Prick

    These quick, easy tests can reveal hidden risks, explain mystery ailments and help you make better decisions about your health. By Corrie Pikul The Test That Can Help You Avoid a Heart Attack What it does: A CRP test identifies the presence of C-reactive proteins, which are indicators of inflammation in the body. Why this matters: Chronic inflammation can

    • 13 JUL 13
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    How to maintain a Healthy Heart

    How to maintain a Healthy Heart

    Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of disability and death in the world today, but it can be prevented. What are the risk factors?          High pressure, high cholesterol, and others Would you  like to achieve a healthy heart ? Check your weight. Check your blood pressure. Definitely suspend cigarette. Do exercise

Who We Are

An Integral Medical  Center where we provide services in General Medicine, Specialists, Preventive Medicine and Diagnostics services  such as EKG, Ultrasound, X-ray, Laboratory.

We also offer  Dental Services as well as Acupuncture and in addition Cosmetic  treatments and Spa.

Why Choose Us?

    • Miramar Medical Center offers you the following major preventive and medical services:
    • Dental.
    • Laboratories.
    • X-ray.
    • Ultrasounds.
    • Medical specialists.
    • Acupuncture.
    • Immigration Physicals.
    • All this with the fairest prices.